Continuous PU/PIR sandwich panel line

Continuous PU/PIR Sandwich Panel Production Line, also called polyurethane sandwich panel manufacturing line/production line/machine, is an automatic production line, which is consisting of decoiler, film coating, pre-cutting, cutting equipment, roll forming system, preheating, foaming, solidification, band saw cutting, cooling, stacking and packing. The whole PU/PIR sandwich panel production line integrates technologies of mechanics, chemistry, electrical control, hydraulic pressure pneumatic and temperature control.

Our sandwich panel production line system is a fully automation equipment system to produce various shapes of sandwich panels using a rigid-polyurethane foam or polyisocyanurate as a core material which is known as a top insulation in nowadays with low heat conductivity, heat reserving, anti-sweating, high strength durability and availability at construction site.

Features of PU/PIR Sandwich Production Line

Beautiful and applicable, multiple functions, such as thermal isolation, sound isolation and flame retardance.

Using heated air recycle oven, strictly control the temperature of PU foaming and solidification in suitable range.

Using high-pressure foaming system, precise measurement, high stability, little dust in the locale, protect the worker's health.

Using 141B or Pentane as foaming agent. Instead of carbon chloral-fluoride, make the PU foaming treatment become an environmental production craft.

Special double belt conveyor, flat surface of sandwich panel, even thickness, anti-pattern

Operation system controlled by PLC computer, personal design and simple operation.

Profiles of Polyurethane Continuous Sandwich Panel Production Line

PU sandwich panel is used to make energy saving wall panel, energy saving roof panel, refrigeration house panel, garage door panel, etc. It is a potential building enclosed material with a broad use and a new type of energy saving material advocated by the ministry of construction.