Reasons for popularity of XPS extruded panels compared with thermal insulation plaster layer

For some of the exterior wall insulation system we should be familiar with it, they are our external wall insulation protection, because these new materials appear in our lives also have a great protection, today we will briefly introduce about the XPS extruded insulation board compared to the insulation coat popular reasons, I hope you can It helps everyone.

The exterior wall insulation plastering layer is composed of plastering mortar and reinforcing net, and the plastering mortar is divided into bottom mortar and surface mortar. When plastering the surface layer, the bottom mortar is first applied to the surface of the external insulation board which has been installed, and the reinforcement mesh is added. The reinforcement mesh is shallowly applied to the bottom mortar, and then the surface mortar is applied on it. The thickness must not be less than 3 mm, and the pattern must not be
exposed. The plastering mortar, also known as anti-crack mortar or anti-crack mortar, plays a key role in the whole external insulation system, and builds a reliable protective layer for the external insulation board. The cracked coating can not solve the problems of thermal insulation, heat insulation, wind pressure resistance, fire prevention, freeze-thaw resistance, waterproof, weather resistance, flame retardant, ventilation, cracking and so on.